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Career of Villerambert at Caunes Minervois

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Visit of the quarry

Duration of the visit: 1h 30
In the heart of the Aude Cathar Country, spend a day in Caunes Minervois.

The land of the famous red marble used in the construction of many monuments, including the "Trianon" of Versailles, the Opera Garnier in Paris, the Basilica of St. Sernin, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, St. Peter's ...


Mr Khalid Masood will accompany the heart veins red marble Caunes. We show and explain the start, life, purpose, and the rehabilitation of a career..

He will tell you about his plan to return a block of marbleto Versailles

The return of an order not honored.
According to the archives a command of several columns
was neverdelivered.   
It would be a question of rebuilding the conditions 
of deliveries asin the XVII century.   
The block would leave Minervois, join the ports of the 
 Canal du Midi which would organize events

and arrive inVersailles after a boat crossing.  
In Versailles the block would be delivered inthe gardens.


Heritage Country Tourism Occitan.

Marbres en Minervois.

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Phone: +33 680 962 226

Visit the career
France red marble
Garrigue, Château de Villerambert
11600 Caunes Minervois
Tél: +33(0) 680 962 226
Visit the career of red marble in operation in the South of the France. Red marble from Villerambert near Caunes Minervois Aude is know dasn worldwide. Discover the history of this marble and its extraction and processing methods.